Lawyer Blames EMT In OK Ambulance-Trooper Scuffle


The lawyer for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper at the center of a May 24 scuffle with a Creek Nation paramedic laid the blame Monday entirely on the paramedic, reports the Tulsa World. Attorney Gary James said paramedic Maurice White Jr. repeatedly interfered with a traffic stop Trooper Daniel Martin was doing on a Creek Nation ambulance in Paden for allegedly failing to yield to his cruiser. The ambulance, which was taking a woman to a hospital, did not have its lights or siren on.

The incident has been covered widely on cable television, including airing of the patrol car dashboard video and a cell phone video of the confrontation. Martin attempted to pull over the vehicle for failure to yield. The trooper said the ambulance driver made an obscene finger gesture. Martin has been on paid administrative leave since June 1.

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