Security Cams Help Suspects Turn Focus On Cops


The Associated Press reports an emerging trend: the use of surveillance camera footage to nail corrupt cops. Brothers Jose and Maximo Colon, wrongly accused of selling cocaine at a New York club, were inspired by a security camera in a police holding cell. Since then, a vindicating video from the club’s cameras has spared the brothers a possible prison term, resulted in two officers’ arrest and become the basis for a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

The officers have pleaded not guilty, and New York Police Department officials have downplayed their case. But the drug corruption case isn’t alone. On May 13, another NYPD officer was arrested for plotting to invade a Manhattan apartment where he hoped to steal $900,000 in drug money. In another pending case, prosecutors in Brooklyn say officers were caught in a 2007 sting using seized drugs to reward a snitch for information. And in the Bronx, prosecutors have charged a detective with lying about a drug bust captured on a surveillance tape that contradicts her story.

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