Applying For Stimulus Money Tests Patience


For police chiefs, the federal application for stimulus money to hire new officers was a lot like a high school test, with its multiple-choice questions and 2,000-character essay, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Now the chiefs have to wait while they are rated by the 50 U.S. Department of Justice employees who have been assigned to read all the tests. They don’t expect to hear until September.

The 33-page form for the federal police money is just one of the seemingly endless, time-consuming applications required for a chance at a piece of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The act, designed to stimulate the economy by pumping $787 billion into communities across the country, will bring about $8.2 billion to Ohio. With the money channeled through federal departments, state agencies and individual counties, the application process has turned out to be a protracted, repetitive and sometimes curious exercise. “The way it’s set up, you could spend every hour of every day pursuing this,” said one community development director.

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