Did Biden’s Sotomayor Praise Go Too Far?


Legal analysts quoted by Politico.com say that Vice President Joe Biden went too far praising Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor yesterday by suggesting she would rule in favor of police. Flanked by a dozen District of Columbia police officers, Biden said Sotomayor, a former prosecutor, could be counted on to back law enforcement while on the high court.

“As you do your job, know that Judge Sotomayor as your back as well. And throughout this nominating process, I know you'll have her back,” Biden said. “I think what Biden said was foolish,” said law Prof. Stephen Gillers of New York University. “She's not there to 'have their back.' She's there to interpret the law as she sees fit.” John Wesley Hall, president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, complained that Biden made it sound like she would overlook police misconduct. “To say that a judge 'has your back' is an activist judge,” Hall said. “They're raising doubts for everybody who's concerned about the Bill of Rights. [] 'She's got your back' is just the worst possible thing he could have said.”

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