Many Colorado Drivers Who Kill Have A DUI Record


Richard Strock of Colorado was arrested for drunken driving 18 times before he killed anyone. In his 19th case, his ex-wife, 63, was thrown into the windshield and died, reports the Denver Post. A Post look at 195 vehicular homicide-DUI cases since 2005 found that at least 30 percent of the defendants had other drunken-driving cases. Twenty-two drivers had multiple DUI arrests before they killed people. Three picked up new drunk-driving charges after killing people while under the influence. One was arrested for driving drunk the day after he ran a red light and killed a woman.

In a state with no felony law for relentless drunken driving, Strock had been to court again and again as a habitual offender who kept driving drunk after his license was revoked. Now, “they gave me a death sentence,” he said. “I’ll never get out if I don’t win my appeal.” Strock, 66, is serving a 48-year term.

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