NYC Mafia Adapts To New Economies, Technologies


Today’s traditional Mafia family in New York City has ventured far from its roots as an ultra-secret society formed at the dawn of the Depression, says the New York Daily news. The mob is dealing with the new economies and technologies – sometimes a jump quicker than law enforcement. Said Michael Gaeta, supervisor of the New York FBI’s organized crime unit, “Despite our attacks, they’ve managed to adapt.” Strategically, the mob is closer to its roots, returning to the shadows.

They still have some control over corrupt contractors and unions, and illegal gambling continues as a primary source of wealth. They’ve also diversified, crafting new scams befitting a new century. Several families got in on the housing boom of 2002-2007 through corrupt construction companies and unions. In the first of a three-part series, the Daily News looks at the two most powerful groups – the Gambino family and the Genovese family.

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