Cleveland Court Clerk In Office Only 84 Days Last Year


Most public employees in Cleveland work about 240 days each year, but the chief court clark, Earle Turner, worked in his office just 84 days in 2008, a Cleveland Plain Dealer investigation shows. Turner averaged about seven hours in the office per week last year, according to parking records at the Justice Center. In only three months of that year did he work from his office for more than 40 hours in an entire month. Turner, who is paid $95,000 a year while also collecting a public pension worth about $60,000, scoffed at the Plain Dealer’s findings. He said he is a hard-working public official who stays out of the spotlight.

“Swipes in the garage are not an indication of whether or not you are at work,” he said. “This is not an accurate record. It’s so insane it’s ridiculous.” The story was written by Mark Puente, whose reporting recently led to the resignation of Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County sheriff.

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