TX Cops Use Search Warrants Vs. Teen Drinkers


Last month, police in Flower Mound, Tx., got a search warrant allowing them to force their way into a house where underage drinking was suspected, reports the Dallas Morning News. The incident, which resulted in a number of citations, is part of a growing effort by area police departments to crack down on young drinkers.

Some are concerned that in their zeal to curb dangerous and illegal behavior, police are abusing the use of search warrants and criminalizing teens. “It seems like less and less is being required for search warrants these days,” said Mitch Nolte, and past president of the Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. “Ten years ago, you wouldn’t have thought police could stick a needle in your arm,” Nolte said, in reference to the “no refusal” policies being implemented by many police departments to obtain blood evidence from suspected drunken drivers.

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