TN Votes To Allow Guns In Bars, Restaurants


Tennessee gun-rights advocates celebrated a legislative victory 12 years in the making yesterday, but those licensed to carry handguns must wait till July 14 to legally carry into bars and restaurants serving alcohol, reports the Memphis Commercial Appeal. The state Senate voted 21-9 to override Gov. Phil Bredesen's veto of the bill allowing handgun-carry permit holders to take guns into places serving alcohol if they're not drinking themselves. The House overrode Wednesday.

Some Nashville Council members are studying a proposal to use alcohol-control laws to keep handguns out of establishments that serve beer in Nashville and Davidson County, reports The Tennessean. Under the new state law, businesses may post signs prohibiting guns in their establishments. The Tennessee Firearms Association, a “grass-roots” gun advocacy group, declared the override a major victory in a blast e-mail to its members but said, “We have other issues on the horizon such as parks, long arms, school grounds,” and others – references to legalizing guns in parks and school grounds and loaded rifles and shotguns in private vehicles, all for gun-carry licensees.

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