Obama Blamed For Rising Ammo Shortages


Gun purchases have leveled off, but ammunition sales blamed on a fear of federal gun-control measures show no sign of letting up. That has led to hoarding, empty store shelves, huge back orders, and renewed interest in home-loaded ammunition, The Oregonian reports. “This has gone completely beyond goofy,” said one dealer. Manufacturers can’t produce ammunition fast enough to meet the demand, said a shooting and recreational equipment distributor. Greg Monahan, a history professor at Eastern Oregon University, termed it “weird and bizarre” that President Obama would provoke so much suspicion. “Here is this guy who is maybe the most popular president we’ve had in years,” said Monahan. “For a certain sector of the population, he must inspire a lot of fear.”

At the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, a tactical shooting school in Las Vegas, an employee works full time to find ammunition so students — who typically send 800 bullets flying downrange during a four-day handgun course — have enough. “What I see is the price has doubled and tripled and people are buying it like crazy,” school spokesman John Landwer said. Front Sight attracts 12,000 students a year to learn the finer points of fighting with handguns, shotguns, rifles and even submachine guns, and most complain of ammunition shortages back home. Jim King of Baker City, Or., a former Los Angeles police officer, said the purchases are a grass-roots reaction to a belief that Obama opposes firearms and an endorsement of the Second Amendment’s “right to bear arms” clause.

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