OK Pharmacist Case Could Test “Stand Your Ground” Law


The case of pharmacist Jerome Ersland could be a test of Oklahoma's 2006 “Stand Your Ground” law, reports The Oklahoman. It allows people to use deadly force to protect themselves and others. “There are limitations to a person's ability to defend themselves,” says District Attorney David Prater. “That limitation comes when the imminent threat is over or has been diminished. You've got to stop at that point.”

Last month, two would-be robbers entered Ersland’s pharmacy. One pointed a gun at workers while the other fumbled with his mask. Within seconds, Ersland, a pharmacist, fired on the intruders from behind the counter, striking the unarmed one in the head and driving the other from the store. Ersland followed the fleeing robber outside, where, says the prosecutor, the teen was unconscious and harmless when Ersland fired five shots into his abdomen, killing him. Ersland was charged last week with first-degree murder.

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