Well Over Half Of Arrestees Flunked Drug Test


Well over half of arrestees in 10 areas tested positive for drugs, says a new survey issued by the White House Office of Drug Control Policy. The percentage testing positive ranged from 49 percent in Washington, D.C. to 87 percent in Chicago. Based on an erroneous characterization by USA Today, Crime & Justice News said yesterday that only half of arrestees tested positive. The report said that the most common substances present during tests, in descending order, are marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine. The proportion of arrestees testing positive for cocaine ranged from 17 percent in Sacramento to 41 percent in Chicago.

Many arrestees tested positive for more than one illegal drug; from 15 percent in Atlanta to 40 percent in Chicago. Data were collected in Fulton County and City of Atlanta; Mecklenburg County (Charlotte, N.C.); Cook County (Chicago); Denver County; Marion County (Indianapolis); Hennepin County (Minneapolis; Manhattan (New York City), Multnomah County (Portland, OR); Sacramento County (Sacramento, CA) and Washington, D.C. The report showed that meth remains primarily a regional phenomenon. Under one percent of arrestees in the eastern United States tested positive. However, in Sacramento and Portland, 35 and 15 percent of arrestees, respectively, tested positive.

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