Paper Urges More TN Vetoes Of Gun-Rights Bills


Now that Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen has vetoed a wrongheaded gun bill that blew its way through the legislature this year, it is time for safety-minded Tennesseans to let their legislators have it with some fully loaded common sense, The Tennessean says in an editorial. Bredesen vetoed what the newspaper called a shameful bill that would have allowed people to carry guns into restaurants that serve alcohol as long as the gun-toter isn't drinking. The Tennessean also called for a veto of legislation that would allow guns in state and local parks that leaves it to local governments to intervene.

The notion behind gun bills in the legislature is that permitted gun carriers will skillfully be able to handle any sign of trouble by using their weapons masterfully. The Tennessean says that advocates have bought into the illusion created by old-fashioned TV shows that good guys will always make perfect decisions. Says the newspaper: “There is simply no compelling reason to believe permitted gun carriers will always make the right calls when armed. Yes, they may have been trained. Yes, they may have a permit. But real-life trouble involves quick decisions.” Law enforcement officers “know the colossal mistake of allowing weapons in public places where alcohol is served.”

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