Jail: No Special Treatment For Accused Cop Peterson


Drew Peterson has been locked up inside the Will County, Il., jail for only three weeks but has already been interviewed on the “Today” show and cracked jokes on a local radio program, says the Chicago Tribune. Peterson, accused of killing third wife, Kathleen Savio, has kept a high profile even in jail. Officials are trying to reassure critics that Peterson, who has pleaded not guilty, isn’t receiving any special treatment.

They acknowledge that his bizarre media celebrity is something of a nuisance. “We’ve had some high-profile inmates over the years, but I’ve never had it like this where they’re trying to be a comedian on a radio show,” said sheriff’s spokesman Pat Barry. “It is a problem. This guy makes jokes, says things that aren’t true.” Among his erroneous statements: that other inmates “are cheering me on” when he is taken to and from the jail for court appearances.

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