Half Of Arrestees Test Positive For Drugs


Half the men arrested in 10 U.S. cities test positive for some type of illegal drug, says a federal study reported by USA Today. Not only do the findings show “a clear link between drugs and crime,” they also highlight the need to provide drug treatment, says Gil Kerlikowske, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Last year, researchers interviewed and obtained urine samples from 3,924 men arrested in 10 metropolitan areas: Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, New York, Portland, Ore., Sacramento, and Washington, D.C. In Chicago, 87 percent tested positive for drug use and in Sacramento, 78 percent tested positive. Many of the men tested positive for more than one drug: 40 percent in Chicago and 29 percent in Sacramento. Marijuana is the most common drug in every city where testing was done except Atlanta, where cocaine is most prevalent.

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