Milwaukee Sheriff Will Check On Why “Preacher’s Mob” Probe Closed


Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. wants to know why a two-year investigation into Milwaukee crime boss Michael Lock closed in 2001 without anyone getting charged, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Lock’s rise and fall, and authorities’ missed opportunities to derail his operations, were reported last week in the Journal Sentinel’s five-part series, The Preacher’s Mob. Over 10 years, several law enforcement agencies investigated Lock independently and failed to share information, allowing Lock’s criminal enterprise to grow.

Lock was a major Milwaukee drug dealer. His crew, the Body Snatchers, kidnapped, robbed, and tortured other dealers, killing at least two of them and burying them under concrete. Lock ran an elaborate mortgage fraud and is charged with operating a multistate prostitution ring. He has been convicted of murder, mortgage fraud, and other counts and sentenced to life in prison. A sheriff’s detective said he was ordered off the drug unit and told to close any open cases, including Lock’s. He said he doesn’t know who made that decision. Clarke, who became sheriff in 2002, said he will inquire about who decided to close the Lock matter.

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