Anti-Terrorist Vendors Show Their Wares


America’s post-Sept 11 fear of terrorist attacks spawned not only the $55-billion-a-year Homeland Security Department but also a domestic defense boom for survivalists, backyard inventors, and small businesses that are trying to sell to local, state and federal agencies, says the Los Angeles Times. About 650 mostly small vendors peddled their sometimes-bewildering wares to government officials at a federally funded exhibition last week at a regional airport in rural Virginia in one of the largest such trade shows. The event’s slogan: “Fighting terrorism with commercial technology.”
“This is designed not just for overseas applications,” said Carl White, a spokesman for the fair, which was not open to the public. “It’s for the local courthouse, or prison, or any other state or local asset vulnerable to terrorism.” Example: Scott Stuckey’s giant loudspeakers can direct ear-piercing sirens at approaching targets. He said his San Diego-based American Technology Corp., just sold a set to the Maersk Alabama — the cargo ship attacked by pirates last month off Somalia.

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