Legal, Dangerous Hallucinogens Available On The Net


A Michigan State University student, 22, was found dead in January. The Detroit News says he stabbed himself in the chest after ingesting obscure Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. The seeds, bought on eBay, contain lysergic acid amide, a compound that can cause psychosis, including hallucinations.

The death underscores what officials say is the rise in use of hallucinogenic legal substances that are widely available online. Thanks to the proliferation of YouTube videos and Internet blogs, learning the “how-to” of a quick hallucinogenic high from substances like Hawaiian seeds and salvia and moonflowers — plants more likely to capture the attention of a gardener than a concerned parent — is easier than ever. With the use of legal plants and seeds growing among high-schoolers and early college students, according to a Western Michigan University drug and alcohol abuse program, some legislators are trying to ban them.

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