Ex-Prosecutor Charged In NJ Murder Case


A few weeks after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges for operating a call-girl ring, former federal prosecutor Paul Bergrin was indicted yesterday for leading a racketeering conspiracy that arranged the murder of a witness in one drug case and attempted to kill an informant in another, reports the New Jersey Law Journal. The 14-count indictment charges that Bergrin, a former federal and Essex County prosecutor, engaged in a host of illegal activities, including witness tampering, wire fraud, money laundering and drug trafficking.

They included orchestrating the murder of an informant who was expected to testify against his client in a federal drug case and attempting to hire a hitman from Chicago to kill an informant in a drug case — a killing that was never carried out. “The conduct alleged is simply shocking,” said acting U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra Jr. “A licensed lawyer, a former prosecutor, essentially became one of the criminals he represents, supporting, encouraging, indeed directing a criminal enterprise that engaged in murder and murder conspiracies, drug trafficking and financial fraud.”

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