CO Criminal Record Flaws Lead To Wrongful Arrests


Colorado officials have failed to fix problems leading to erroneous arrests based on bad criminal records, says Denver Post columnist Susan Greene. A mother from Sterling, Co., was thrown behind bars on a Denver warrant intended for a suspect who is seven years younger and 90 pounds lighter. A student was forced to spend eight days behind bars answering to the name of another man, a retiree mistaken for a suspect who was long dead and a black man locked up on a white man’s warrant.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation database shows the names of at least three mistaken-identity victims as aliases for the real suspects, and at least four still with criminal records stemming from the errors. “There are inaccuracies in there, no question about it,” says CBI’s Lance Clem, noting that it’s Denver’s responsibility to provide accurate and complete records. “We have to look at what the process is,” responds a spokesman for Mayor John Hickenlooper. “Is it CBI who removes it or Denver who removes it?”

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