Meghan McCain Enthuses About ‘Why I Love Guns’


Blogging on The Daily Beast website, political daughter and NRA member Meghan McCain writes of her affection for weapons in a piece headlined, “Why I Love Guns.” She writes, “The shooting range is one place I’m Republican through-and-through. I find it empowering, especially as a woman, to fire off a few rounds. In the days after my dad lost the election, my brothers and I went to shoot rounds at the local shooting range. Partly because–as anyone who knows how to use a rifle and can do so safely understands–doing so is hugely stress-relieving, and partly because, we half-joked, it might mark the beginning of the end of our Second Amendment rights under the Obama administration.”

She continues, “The right to bear arms, and specifically the idea of it being taken away from me, is one of my biggest concerns. So it is only fitting that the 138th National Rifle Association Convention, which kicked off this morning, is being held in my own hometown: Phoenix. If you are a law-abiding citizen who is trained to and skilled at using a firearm, then you are entitled to protect yourself and your family.”

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