Germany’s Tough New Gun Laws May Ban Paintball


Paintball may be banned under controversial new gun laws being considered in Germany, reports Time. The laws would ban games that “simulate the killing” of your opponent, and some believe that would include paintball. There has been heated debate over Germany’s gun laws since a school shooting in Winnenden on March 11, when 17-year-old Tim Kretschmar went on a rampage, killing 15 people before turning the gun on himself.

After much wrangling, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government has agreed on a number of measures aimed at tightening Germany’s already-strict gun controls. The new measures include more spot checks on gun owners at their homes to ensure that weapons and ammunition are locked away properly; raising the legal age for using a high-caliber weapon for target practice from 14 to 18; amnesty for people who hand over illegal weapons to the authorities; and biometric security systems to ensure that weapons are being used by their rightful owners.

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