DC Mayor Seeks ‘Tools’ To Stem Summer Violence


Washington Mayor Adrian M. Fenty said yesterday that he will urge the D.C. Council to pass his crime bill on an emergency basis so that new laws regarding gang activity and gun crimes take effect by summer, when violent crime tends to rise, reports the city’s Post. Flanked by Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier and several council members at a Northwest Washington street corner, Fenty said he will submit a request to the council asking approval of emergency legislation at its June 2 meeting. “The summer has always been a critical time. . . . That’s when you get the spike in violence,” Fenty said. “We need more tools.”

Fenty’s plan would increase penalties for those who commit crimes in stolen vehicles. Anyone caught with a gun in a stolen car would face a new criminal charge: “knowingly being in a stolen vehicle with an illegal firearm,” he said. Last summer, police grappled with a series of shootings in Northeast Washington in which gunmen used stolen cars to drive in and out of neighborhoods where they shot or fired at people.

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