Assaults Account For Most TN School Crimes


Simple assaults accounted for most of the criminal offenses committed in Tennessee schools from 2006 to 2008, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The Tennesseean said the report marked the TBI’s first effort to quantify school-related crimes committed by students in grades K-12, based on numbers submitted by state agencies. The study revealed 30 percent of all school-related crimes were assaults, including fistfights. Fists, feet and teeth were the most common “weapons” Tennessee students used.

The report doesn’t break down the numbers by county or school but lumps them together by the type of offense. The report also breaks down the numbers by the offender’s race and age, among other factors. Theft, drug violations and vandalism were among other most reported crimes across the state, according to the report. More than 1,800 thefts from school buildings were recorded each year of the study. Four homicides were reported. The average age of an offender was 16.

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