Ammunition Hoarders Cited In Wisconsin Shortage


Gun owners are locked but not necessarily loaded after a surge of gun sales has led to a shortage of ammunition, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Some arms dealers are limiting ammo sales to one box per customer following a surge of gun owners hoarding ammunition, buying it by the case. Joe Arterburn, corporate communications manager for Cabela’s, said the chain is working with manufacturers to maintain stock, but for some types of ammunition, the shelves are empty. “We’ve never seen demand like this,” Arterburn said.

Meanwhile, gun sales have continued to rise. Calls for background checks that are required for the purchase of handguns continue to flood the state, reaching the highest numbers ever in March and April, said Gary Hamblin of the state Department of Justice. There were 7,606 calls for background checks in March and 6,194 in April, he said. Prior to that, there had never been more than 6,000 calls in a month. In addition to fears about restricting guns, owners also are worried that President Barack Obama might push for tax increases on ammo and gun accessories.

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