Seattle Police Run Stings On Crosswalk Violators


Seattle police are sending more pedestrian decoys onto crosswalks, to nab drivers who blow through without stopping, reports the Seattle Times. The city is expected to run 10 sting operations this year. City Council members created a safety committee two years ago after a council employee was killed crossing a street.

Seattle ranks among the safest U.S. cities for pedestrians. Nonetheless, 468 car-pedestrian collisions were reported to police last year. Police ran a sting April 24. One driver who was ticketed says he’ll dispute the $124 fine. He said his view was obstructed by a parked SUV and that he had only 60 feet to react once the decoy, a woman wearing white, stepped off the curb. Police spokesman Jeff Kappel said that while citations are a judgment call, he doubts police are citing people for borderline mistakes. When he worked as a decoy last year, drivers were blatant about rolling past him.

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