Sacramento Prosecutor’s Doomsday Scenario


Public corruption would go unchecked, sex offenders unmonitored. and most misdemeanors unprosecuted. Officer-involved shootings would not be investigated and neither would deaths in the county jail. Nobody would be assigned to monitor stalkers or sex offenders who fail to register. The Sacramento Bee says it’s all part of a “Doomsday” scenario Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully outlined in response to her department’s proposed budget allocation.

Scully requested $57 million to maintain the status quo. The county executive – who must close a projected $187 million deficit – allocated $37 million. “I recognize the dramatic impact these cuts will have on public safety for every citizen of this county if I am forced to reduce my operations by 35 percent. But the county has left me no other options,” Scully writes. The memo shocked law enforcement officials. When the prosecutor said that 60 percent of the misdemeanor cases it typically handles would no longer be prosecuted or even “accepted for review,” Sheriff John McGinness responded, “Misdemeanor anarchy can absolutely devastate the quality of life in a community.”

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