Houston Mounts Effort To Find 600 Accused Killers


Harris County, Texas, authorities are mounting an effort to find more than 600 accused killers from the past four decades who have never been brought to justice, reports the Houston Chronicle. Records show that a handful of those jumped bail, fleeing the area before they could be prosecuted. But most were suspects who were never arrested, said Assistant District Attorney Russell Turbeville. The veteran prosecutor and a longtime investigator have been asked by District Attorney Pat Lykos to come up with a systemic approach to find and arrest the fugitives.

The push to find the fugitives was sparked in part by the case of Tho Minh Quach, who was charged with murdering his neighbor more than 20 years ago, but who disappeared and now will never stand trial because investigators did not try hard enough to find him. Other fugitives include a Mexican citizen, a Hurricane Katrina evacuee and an American believed to be living under an alias.

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