Odds Low For Woman’s Execution In Florida


Will Casey Anthony of Orlando face the death penalty if convicted of killing her daughter, Caylee? It’s not statistically likely, says the Orlando Sentinel Only one of 392 current death-row inmates in the state is a woman. Only 16 have been singled out to be executed in 82 years; the lives of 13 were spared when the sentences were vacated or commuted to life.

Death-penalty expert Victor Streib said there are few women on death row across the U.S. because only about one in 10 murders is committed by a woman. Those killings usually don’t rise to the level of death-penalty cases – ones considered especially heinous, ones committed by violent habitual offenders or those committed during another crime, said Streib, a law professor at Ohio Northern University. Society sees women as the “source of life,” Streib said, and there is a general urge to protect them. Juries could be biased, finding it harder to condemn a woman to death than a man. Florida executed Judy “The Black Widow” Buenoano in 1998 and Aileen Wuornos in 2002.

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