5th Graders Arrested In Indiana Pot Deal


Two Indianapolis area fifth-graders — ages 10 and 11 — have been arrested after police say they were caught conducting a marijuana deal at school, reports the Indianapolis Star. “We are getting to a state of emergency,” said the Rev. Byron Alston, director of Save the Youth, a social services program. “When you have elementary students selling dope in the school, we’ve got a serious problem.”

“It’s kind of shocking that it would happen at an elementary school, especially this one,” said a parent. “[The school] has always been a well-disciplined, well-managed school, with strict policies on dress and behavior. This is the first time we’ve ever heard of a problem like this.” Indiana University studies on drug, alcohol and tobacco use start with Grade 6. Most state and national studies on youth drug use do not include kids younger than 12. In 2008, IU’s Indiana Prevention Resource Center found that overall drug use among the state’s students had dropped, and that the average age for first trying marijuana was 13.8 years.

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