Experts Question Felony Threats Over “Sexting”


Some legal experts say District Attorney George Skumanick in Wyoming County, Pa., is setting a dangerous precedent by threatening to charge kids who appeared in “sexting” photos on cell phones, but who didn’t send them, as well as at least one girl who was photographed wearing a bathing suit, the Wall Street Journal reports. “The whole tawdry episode seems to call for a little parental guidance and a pop-gun approach, not a Howitzer approach with a felony prosecution,” said law Prof. Louis Natali of Temple University.

The sexting issue is being closely tracked by juvenile-justice authorities. Many prosecutors say pornography laws should be used to protect children from adults, not from other children. Meanwile, Skumanick is meeting with local parents, telling them either to enlist their kids in an education program or have the teens face felony charges of child pornography. “We could have just arrested them but we didn’t,” Skumanick told the Journal.

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