Critic: “Psychobabble” Pervaded Spector Trial


Too much “psychobabble” was allowed in the murder trial of music producer Phil Spector, says Katie Buckland of the California Women’s Law Center. Spector, 69, was convicted Monday in his second trial in the shooting death of Lana Clarkson almost six years ago. Clarkson’s life was dissected during both trials, which may warrant taking another look at the California Evidence Code, Buckland, a former prosecutor, writes for Women’s eNews.

The rules for what goes on in California state courts give the judge wide latitude in determining what evidence is relevant. Perhaps that code should be amended to specifically rule out trash psychology such as this, Buckland says. The defense was premised on the theory that Clarkson was suicidal and thus planned to be in the presence of a gun-waving maniac with a history of violence against at least five other women. There was never a scintilla of evidence to support this theory, yet it allowed her life to be on display, Buckland says.

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