CO Trial A Test On Transgender Hate Crimes


Allen Andrade, told Greeley, Co., police he attacked Angie Zapata on discovering that she was biologically a man, after the two met on the Internet and had a sexual encounter, the New York Times reports. In a chilling arrest affidavit, Andrade, 32, said he thought he had “killed it,” after striking Zapata in the head until she stopped breathing. Andrade stands accused of first-degree murder, in what national gay rights groups say is the first trial in which a hate-crime statute has been used to prosecute the killing of a transgender person.

Opening statements began yesterday with prosecutors painting Andrade as a vicious homophobe who plotted to kill Zapata 36 hours after figuring out that she was born male. The trial has drawn attention because of the grisly circumstances of Zapata's death and because it may set a precedent on how hate crimes involving transgender people are handled.

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