Your Guide to Columbine Coverage


On Monday, April 20, the nation marked the 10-year anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre. The Crime Report has compiled a selection of media remembrances of that day, as well as updates on issues including gun control and school safety:

USA Today: “Lessons from Columbine: More security, outreach in schools”

“10 Years Later, The Real Story Behind Columbine”

“No ‘Closure’ for Columbine Class of 1999”

Wall Street Journal: “The Safety Lessons of Columbine, Re-examined”

Denver Post: “Easing of Gun-Show Check Survives”

Washington Post: Book Review: “No Right to Remain Silent: The Tragedy at Virginia Tech”

Slate: Excerpt from Dave Cullen’s book Columbine: “‘God I Want to Torch and Level Everything'”

Learn more about School Shootings, Gun Control Advocacy, Assault Weapons, and Psychology inside The Crime Report.

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