“Border Czar” Bersin Returning Under Obama


The Obama administration is naming Alan Bersin, a former Justice Department official, to deal with drug-related violence and illegal immigration problems plaguing the U.S. border with Mexico, reports Politico.com. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is expected to make the announcement today during a visit to El Paso. Outsiders have dubbed the post a “border czar.”

“Right now our goals are two-fold. No. 1 is to prevent people at the border from entering this country illegally and No. 2 is to play a part in assisting the Mexican government in its crackdown on the drug cartels,” a source told Politico. “That will be the primary function of this new position.” President Barack Obama is set to embark on a trip to Mexico tomorrow. Bersin has served as California's education secretary and as superintendent of schools in San Diego, but his most relevant experience for the border post was time spent as U.S. Attorney in San Diego and as Attorney General Janet Reno's border czar.

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