Police Seek 30K Officers For 6K U.S.-Funded Slots


The federal stimulus program to fund 6,000 police positions has drawn requests for 30,000 officers from U.S. law enforcement agencies, reports USA Today. By today’s application deadline, more than a third of the 18,000 U.S. police agencies are expected to seek government aid to avoid layoffs or hire new officers, Justice spokesman Corey Ray said.

In Sacramento, police officials are seeking federal funds to restore 80 positions lost during the past 18 months due to budget problems. Allentown, Pa., is seeking money for 30 officers. Fifteen positions were lost during the past year because of municipal budget problems. States requesting the largest number of officers are among the hardest-hit by the economic decline. California police agencies are seeking money for more than 1,600 officers; Illinois and Ohio departments are requesting more than 1,000 positions each; Texas agencies want money for about 950 officers.

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