New Columbine Narrative: No “Ordinary Kids”


A decade after the killings at Columbine were made a a synonym for rage, new information – including several books that analyze the tragedy through diaries, e-mails, appointment books, videotape, police affidavits, and interviews with witnesses, friends and survivors – indicate that much of what the public has been told about the shootings is wrong, says USA Today.

The new narrative is not a “good kids harassed into retaliation” story but one picturing shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as a deeply disturbed, suicidal pair who over more than a year psyched each other up for an Oklahoma City-style terrorist bombing, an apolitical, over-the-top revenge fantasy against years of snubs, slights, and cruelties, real and imagined. “These are not ordinary kids who were bullied into retaliation,” psychologist Peter Langman writes in his new book, Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters. “These are not ordinary kids who played too many video games. These are not ordinary kids who just wanted to be famous. These are simply not ordinary kids. These are kids with serious psychological problems.”

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