Departing TX U.S. Attorney Assails Media


Departing U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton in Austin criticizes media coverage of issues in which he has been involved, says the Austin American-Statesman. Sutton said the skewering he took on cable news shows and in other media for his office’s 2006 prosecution of two border patrol agents who were convicted of shooting a Mexican drug smuggler and covering it up was based on bad information and incomplete facts.

Sutton plans to do is jump into the fray of the 24-hour news cycle – he didn’t say in what capacity. “The [] case was an amazing tidal wave of misinformation,” said Sutton, who noted that his critics were mostly right-leaning. “I want to be a conservative voice of reason in the media.” Sutton, 48, said he wants to use his experience to inform the public discourse and that he welcomes a chance for debate. “I don’t mind a good knife fight,” he said.

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