Questions about financial crime? Ask Bill Black.


On April 1, University of Missouri Professor William Black, a former regulator who now teaches economics and law, spoke on a panel about money laundering and the shadow economy at the McCormick Foundation/John Jay Conference on Financial Crimes. Two days later, Black appeared on the Bill Moyers Journal to discuss fraud in the financial sector.

Black, the author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One, isn’t one to mince words: he talked to Moyers about major banks creating “Ponzi-like schemes,” and accused Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner of engaging in a cover up to keep the American people from learning the real scope of the losses caused by the meltdown.

And now Bill Black is ready to answer your questions. Click here to ask him about liar’s loans, rating agency fraud, the lessons of the Savings and Loan crisis, and anything else you wanted to know about the financial meltdown but were afraid to ask.

**How Did They Get Away With It? On April 1-2, the John Jay Center on Media, Crime and Justice and the McCormick Foundation held a two-day Specialized Reporting Institute on covering financial crimes. Click here for reports and resources from the conference.

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