MI School Crime Numbers Found Rife With Error


Spend just five minutes with Michigan’s school safety records, and you might be alarmed, says the Detroit News: Seven homicides at one school three at another; two drive-by shootings at a high school in northern Michigan two years ago. If a parent from any of these schools had looked at the state’s safety data, it may have caused them to wonder about their child’s safety. None of the incidents occurred.

A Detroit News analysis of Michigan’s safety statistics from the last three years shows the data is so fraught with problems that it might offer no guidance at all. Some incidents are counted twice and obvious anomalies — a 700-student charter school in Detroit that reported 9,999 truancies last year — sit unchanged.”The state and federal school safety data isn’t worth the paper or computer database that it’s stored upon,” said Kenneth Trump, president of Cleveland-based National School Safety and Security Services. “That’s being kind.” It’s also impossible to say how many incidents went unreported, either through carelessness or a desire to downplay serious incidents.

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