PA Judge, In Shift, Imprisons Prosecutor In Sex Case


A Pennsylvania judge changed his mind yesterday and sent a former top prosecutor to prison for corrupting teenage boys in a church youth group, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Last month, Anthony Cappuccio had admitted buying alcohol for three of the teens, smoking pot with them, and having a months-long sexual relationship with one boy. Judge C. Theodore Fritsch sentenced him to three to 23 months of house arrest. Yesterday, Fritsch tossed the original punishment and ordered Cappuccio to the county prison for six to 23 months.

Fritsch said he was not reacting to publicity surrounding the case. Based on “calm reflection,” he said, “I do find that a sentence of total incarceration and confinement is appropriate in this case.” Fritsch held the hearing after the Attorney General’s Office made the unusual request that he reconsider. Cappuccio, 32, had been a chief deputy district attorney in Bucks County until early September, when police found him partially clothed with a 17-year-old boy in a parked car. He had been a youth leader at a church, where parents had trusted him with their teens because of his standing as a prosecutor.

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