Binghamton Killings: “Truly An American Tragedy”


On Friday in Binghamton, N.Y., the American Civic Association — a place crowded with recent arrivals taking English classes and citizenship exams — became a killing zone, reports the Los Angeles Times. A gunman barricaded the back door of the immigration services center with a car, thwarting escape. He entered through the front door, opened fire, and killed 13 people and seriously wounded four others before apparently committing suicide. The Associated Press said friends and officials said the gunman was “depressed and angry over losing his job and about his poor English skills.”A law enforcement source told the AP that the gunman had an identification card that said he was Jiverly Voong, 42. Authorities searched his home in nearby Johnson City and confiscated computer hard drives, a rifle case, and luggage. Ali Noorani of the National Immigration Forum, a pro-immigrant advocacy group in Washington, D.C., said, “This is truly an American tragedy in that these were people who were looking to become the newest of our American communities.”

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