Dallas Forces 404 DWI Suspects To Give Blood



A woman named Andrea has the dubious distinction of being perhaps the first person arrested during the premiere weekend for an experimental Dallas Police Department program called “no refusal,” reports the Dallas Observer. So far, 404 people have been arrested and, in some cases after being physically restrained, forced to give a blood sample.

Drivers stopped on suspicion of DWI can refuse to take roadside sobriety and breath tests, and about half of the nearly 4,000 people arrested annually in Dallas do refuse. Drivers are getting smarter about the law, and DWI cases are getting tougher for police and prosecutors to win. To counter that, police have arranged to have judges standing by on no-refusal weekends, ready to sign search warrants that allow officers to get blood from drivers whether they like it or not. Dallas’ no-refusal program is part of a trend in DWI policing that is picking up momentum statewide.

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