Feds Raid Couple Who Admitted Shoplifting To Dr. Phil


A couple whose California home was raided last week by federal agents appear to have admitted on national TV last year to being professional shoplifters, reports the North County (CA) Times. Laura Eaton said the search warrant used by authorities to seize toys, a car, and other belongings from her home was connected to a TV appearance she and her husband, Matthew Allen Eaton, made in a November episode of “Dr. Phil” hosted by Phil McGraw.

On a presentation of the show on Dr. Phil’s Web site, the couple —- identified as “Laura” and her husband, referred to as both “Allen” and “Matthew” —- discussed stealing merchandise from several states. The Dr. Phil episode featuring the Eatons was titled “Shoplifting Confessions.” In it, the woman identified as Laura said the couple amassed nearly $1 million in stolen goods over the past seven years. When McGraw asked the couple how much stolen merchandise they had collected, “Laura” answered, “Our whole house, pretty much.” “Matthew” told McGraw that he and his wife appeared on the show to discourage themselves from shoplifting. “I think it’s something to help us stop, because my cover’s blown,” he said.

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