Philadelphia Targets Straw Gun Buyers For Teens


A Philadelphia woman, 24, yesterday was the first person charged under a new program that targets adults who agree to be “straw” buyers of firearms for juveniles, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. District Attorney Lynne Abraham called Perretta’s purchase “particularly odious.” Said Abraham: “It’s bad no matter who does it, but it is particularly wrong and telling when an adult can be hired by some kid to straw-purchase .40-caliber guns in a gun store in multiple quantities for sale to kids on the street to go commit crimes.”

Under the initiative, funded with part of an annual $5 million state grant that created the task force two years ago, the case of any juvenile arrested for a crime involving a gun will be handled by an assistant district attorney and family court judge who will try to learn the source of the weapon. State law bars anyone under 18 from buying or possessing a handgun. Abraham said an adult who buys and provides a handgun to a juvenile is guilty of a third-degree felony that carries a prison term of up to seven years.

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