Missouri Terrorism Report Roils State Politics


Citing an “astonishing” confidential report compiled by the Missouri Information Analysis Center about the “Modern Militia Movement,” Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder today called for John Britt, the director of the state Department of Public Safety, to be placed on administrative leave. The Columbia Daily Tribune said Britt oversees the “fusion center” where the report was compiled and yesterday ordered it to be altered to remove offensive and inaccurate characterizations.

The report gained national attention in recent weeks after it was leaked to the public. Portions of the report say that members of third-party political groups or supporters of third-party presidential candidates might be terrorists. Kinder expressed outrage at the report, saying there was no mention of radical environmental groups or radical religious groups other than Christians. “Are we to believe that the people who advocate for conservative causes in this state are among the greatest threats to our public safety?” Kinder said. He asked for Britt to take an administrative leave of absence pending an investigation.

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