Cleveland Sheriff, In Misconduct Probe, Likely To Quit


The chairman of the Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County Republican Party has called on the governor to remove Sheriff Gerald McFaul from office for official misconduct, but two county officials said they expect McFaul to resign within days, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The need for McFaul to resign or be removed from office is now painfully apparent, yet not a single elected county officeholder has called for McFaul to step down,” said county GOP Chairman Rob Frost.

McFaul, who has served as sheriff for 32 years, is under investigation by a special prosecutor for possibly obstructing justice. McFaul instructed a subordinate on how to dodge a subpoena so she would not have to testify against him in a 1986 sexual harassment trial. The Plain Dealer said McFaul has come to the office only about one day a week for the past two years. McFaul said he worked from home on most of the other days, though he has bragged that he does not have a computer or know how to use one. McFaul also laid off deputies this year while promoting friends and relatives.

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