Self-Defense Concerns Pack KS Shooting Ranges


Wichita’s supply of ammunition — particularly for handguns — is not keeping pace with a strong demand, says the Wichita Eagle. The demand is emptying shelves at big discount stores and smaller shooting ranges. Despite the slumping overall economy, two indoor-shooting ranges and a gun and hunting supply store say they are doing a robust business. Gun owners and enthusiasts appear to be buying more guns and ammo out of concern that President Obama’s administration will push for more gun control. “Obama has sold more guns and ammunition than anybody in history,” said Bill Vinduska owner of a shooting range.

Don Holman, owner of another shooting range, said many gun consumers seem to be concerned that in a bad economy, crime will increase. “You’re seeing a lot of average Joes [] worrying about their protection,” he said. “They feel they need to take more responsibility for their protection.” The most popular items seem to be self-defense items, including handguns and ammunition. At the Bullet Stop, prices are rising with the demand. In the last six months, a box of 50 rounds of one type of ammo has gone from $36 to $53. Holman is seeing more couples, more women, and more families coming to the shooting range –“just a heavy migration toward an acceptance of firearms in the role it plays in their lives.”

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