AL Spree Killer Kept ‘Done Me Wrong’ List


The Alabama gunman who killed 11 people, including himself, may have been planning his shooting spree for some time, according to a local prosecutor. Coffee County District Attorney Gary McAliley said more than 20 empty ammunition boxes, military and survival gear and medical supplies were found in Michael McLendon's home in Kinston, Ala., where he killed his mother and set the house on fire before driving to nearby Samson and killing 9 other people, reports the Dothan (Ala.) Eagle.

Though the house was set on fire, authorities found in the remains a list of people he had worked with at Kelley Foods who had “done him wrong.” The note also delineated what they had done, like reporting him for not wearing his ear plugs or cutting meat too thin. McLendon had recently quit his job there. Neighbors said McLendon often fired guns behind his house. During the shooting spree, McLendon was armed with four guns, including two assault rifles. McLendon was often teased about his weight and called “dough boy.” He was 5-8 and weighed more than 200 pounds. In 2003, he had applied to a law enforcement academy.

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