AL Man “Cleans Family Out,” Kills Himself


A gunman killed 11 people, including himself, on a terrifying rampage across two Alabama counties yesterday, killing members of his own family on their porch and shooting apparent strangers as he drove by, authorities told the Associated Press. Police were investigating shootings in at least four locations in three neighboring communities, all of which believed to be the work of a single gunman named Michael McLendon. At least four other people were injured, including a child.

An afternoon of bloodshed began when McLendon burned down the house in Kinston where he lived with his mother, Lisa McLendon, said Coffee County Coroner Robert Preachers. He then headed 12 miles southeast to Samson, where he shot and killed five people — four adults and a child — at a home. He killed one person each in two other homes. Preachers said the victims included other members of the shooter’s family. “He cleaned his family out,” Preachers said. “We don’t know what triggered it.”

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